Include: milling, turning, measuring, after treatment , brazing and assembly.


We have a Wenzel LH 65 3D CNC swivel-head measuring machine. This machine and our other measuring equipment is held in a climate-controlled space.

The Wenzel 3D measuring machine equips us to carry out precise measurements on complex products both during and after the manufacturing process. Measurement reports can be supplied along with the finished components if desired.

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Our comprehensive machine fleet has recently been supplemented with a 5 axis machining centre, allowing us to produce an astonishingly wide range of products. At Soltech we are happy to produce everything from one-offs to extended production runs. The use of the machining centre with a robot loader means we can deliver at an extremely favourable price/quality ratio. More complex items are externally programmed in our CAD/CAM system before the entire programme is sent to the machine for manufacture.

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For longer production runs or where required by the complexity of the turning processes we can switch from conventional to CNC turning. Our CNC lathes feature bar feeding equipment to allow longer production runs to be completed using less manpower. Three of our lathes feature driven tooling, two of these have a transfer spindle, one has a Y axis and 1 has a double turret to allow multiple processes in a single pass.

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Post treatment, packaging and despatch

We can also handle a variety of post-treatments including PVD coating, anodising, chromating, chemical blacking, nickel plating and hardening.

Following manufacture and final inspection the products are packaged to customer specifications and labelled with an order and article number to allow quick and easy identification. The products can finally be delivered by Soltech's in-house transport service.